Good mobile columns can be hard to find unless of course you decide to leave your heavy-vehicle lifting needs in the hands of MAHA USA.

It might be pure co-incidence that the word maha also means great in Sanskrit. Whatever the case, it is an apt name for a worldwide giant that has earned an unparalleled re[censored] tion through its high performance Mobile Columns. With a keen awareness of the evolving needs of its market, MAHA-USA boasts a powerful team of partners, directors, management, and employees whose individual and combined efforts have ensured the place of this global position at the forefront of innovation.

Thanks to an unmatched thirst for ideas and an equal capacity for making them reality, MAHA-USA has continuously maintained its dominance in a competitive environment. With high-tech software and hardware at their disposal, the engineers and designers on the MAHA-USA team ensure that the Mobile Column Lifts designed by them offer unparalleled efficiency and safety.

In this endeavor, the MAHA-USA team is further aided by efficient communication lines, comprehensive logistic networks, and optimized network solutions that help it stay on top of varying customer demands and guarantee a smooth and efficient workflow.

It is through this advanced infrastructure that MAHA-USA has introduced to the world, its Wireless Battery-Powered Mobile Column Lifts. Capable of lifting up to 144,000 lbs, these high-efficiency MCLs are a perfect example of MAHA-USA's commitment to quality and innovation. These Wireless Systems will allow for up to eight columns to be selected on one communication channel and each lift system will have a minimum of 10 communication channels that will allow for multiple sets of Battery Powered Wireless Mobile Column Lifts to be operated at the same time close to one-another without interference. Communication is achieved on an ISM Band that will allow for a digital narrow-band channel filtering for precise and safe operation.

MAHA-USA's series of Battery-Powered mobile columns is only one example of the extent to which the MAHA Group has transformed the international lifting technology market.

If you choose to make MAHA-USA your provider of mobile columns, you can avail of numerous advantages. To begin with, each column is mobile and can be easily positioned on the vehicle wheels for the lifting operation. In addition, MAHA's Mobile Column Lifts can be used in heavy-duty as well as automotive repair shops.

Furthermore, MAHA-USA mobile lifts come with accessories that allow the operator to use them for various lifting needs. The Mobile Column Lifts can be operated as a pair, or in sets of four, six, or eight.

For more information on high-performance German-engineered, made in USA Mobile Column Lifts, visit maha-usa.

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